We Focus Exclusively on High Tech B2B Content

Cabral Communications specializes in creating marketing content for high tech B2B clients in a select group of industries. That allows us to immerse ourselves in the topics, trends and technologies that matter to our clients – and create deep, targeted content that hits home. Whether you’re a vendor in the enterprise or service provider space – or an integrator who brings it all together – we’d love to talk about your content needs.

Cabral Communications Service Provider


Marketing solutions to service providers means understanding not only their challenges and goals, but their end customers’ needs, too. That’s why we work hard to develop content that tells a complete story about how technology helps improve the service provider’s business while bringing consumers and enterprises exciting new opportunities such as 5G, next-gen broadband and carrier-grade Wi-Fi.

HFC Networking

Carrier Wi-Fi

Customer Premises Equipment

Optical Networks

Broadband Delivery

Network Virtualization

Content Delivery Networks

Video Transcoding

Service Management & Assurance


Innovation within the enterprise space is happening faster than ever, creating a lot of noise and making it tough to get through to key decision makers. We help enterprise technology vendors stand out in crowded markets by developing content that’s built around near- and long-term opportunities such as fast infrastructure provisioning, storage optimization and network virtualization.

Cabral Communications Enterprise

High Performance Computing

Storage Technology

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Software-Defined Networking

DevOps Enablement

End-to-End Security

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Orchestration & Automation

Campus & Wireless Networks

Cabral Communications Resellers


Reselling technology solutions creates a huge challenge for marketers. In addition to covering a lot of ground with content, resellers must ensure that they are establishing a leadership position all their own. We’re experts at uncovering the value our reseller clients create and infusing it into targeted, purposeful content. Whether their difference is in solution design, support or managed services, we’re here to help ensure that their content goes beyond the technologies they offer and highlights what makes them unique.

Solution Design & Deployment

Managed IT Services

Staff Augmentation

Professional Services

Supply Management

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Remote Technical Support

Financing & Leasing