Cabral Communications Content Creation

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Jane sighed, and buried her head in her hands.

The email is supposed to be going out in an hour and the usually unflappable Digital Marketing Manager just learned that the white paper it’s promoting is still in design. While Jane’s had close calls before, she knew this one was going to be bad. How could she not see this coming? 

Raise your hand if you’ve ever found yourself in Jane’s shoes, scrambling to track down a piece of content days – or sometimes hours – before it’s scheduled to go live. Even when you don’t have a pressing deadline, do you ever wonder where that new eBook is in development or who’s writing the next blog in a series? Whatever the case may be, you’re not alone. As the demand for content grows, so does the chaos of managing it all – and the stress that comes with it.

Keeping track of your content is a must for driving successful campaigns and avoiding last-minute disasters like Jane’s. Without a process, you and your team will spend valuable time on simple tasks: chasing down status updates, determining when you need to follow up with SMEs or deciding when to check in with designers or other creatives. All this uncertainty can lead to a serious lack of confidence – the same kind that led to Jane’s 10 a.m. meltdown. When executing a simple email campaign or blog post requires a wild goose chase – bouncing from one person to the next trying to get answers – marketers can become demotivated, wondering why such seemingly simple tasks have to be so hard.

Well, they don’t have to be.

After years of creating content for clients, we at Cabral Communications have learned a thing or two about managing content and avoiding the chaos and uncertainty that can stall your programs and undermine your confidence. In fact, we wrote a whole eBook about it to help you identify the signs, understand the symptoms and implement the solutions that can help you bring more calm to content creation. In it, we highlight the proven practices, simple tools and clear lines of responsibility that can help you know exactly where your content is at every step of the production process. We hope the tips will help you feel more confident than ever that your campaigns are on track and your content will be there when you need it.

So, if it’s 10 a.m. and you don’t know where your content is, you may be experiencing content chaos. Learn more about the signs and drivers – as well as the solutions – in our eBook “5 Steps to Tame Content Chaos.”

You can grab it here.